Rodney Hurst


Hello, my name is Rodney, and here is a bit about myself and the vision for this company. As I sat here and pondered what do I say about myself to you, someone I’ve likely never met. To this question, I realized the answer is simple, keep it simple.  Most importantly I am a Christian, Husband to the most amazing Woman in the world, Father to a wonderful little boy, and CEO/Founder of 1 Way Web. From before I can even remember I’ve been drawn to fixing/building things and understanding how they worked. This developed into an interest in electronics as I took nearly everything available with a motor, battery, or computer board apart to fix or see how they worked. From remote controlled cars, I graduated to phones, computers, and finally the Web. You might wonder, how did you get into this? Starting out I worked under an existing business learning everything possible and looking for ways to do things better. In time I realized this company was not where I was meant to stay and the next step was to start my own company. Enter 1 Way Web, a company built on two simple ideas. First, there is only 1 way, something should be done, The Right Way. Second we will be a bit better today than we were yesterday. As this company and brand grow please reach out to me through our contact forms and share your experience. I may not be able to respond to everyone but I want to know what you have to share.


The performance of a site depends on many factors. We are constantly evolving our skills to make our sites perform at rocket speeds. 

We strive to build our sites specifically for mobile devices. Mobile Friendly is Customer Friendly.


More then 50% of site visitors will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Our goal is to remove the sick feeling you get every time you have to wait for a web page to load. 

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