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Nearly 3 billion people worldwide use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger. 2.3 Billion people use one of these “services” daily. So, now you’re wondering why I put quotes around the word “services”?

Who Are These “Services” Really Serving?

I’m not here to argue to fact that some of the services provided by the Facebook group, (i.e Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger) are useful for personal and business use. In fact, Facebook is a prime advertising platform for business owners and a social pool for those with the time to swim in it! So why not, There are so many positive things that it adds to our lives, or does It?

How does Facebook survive as a company? After all, they are a social community focused on “bringing the world closer together” right? Wrong! Facebook collects data including pictures from your posts and uses it for targeted advertising as well as facial recognition software. They take this information and sell it to advertisers. What! They are stealing my personal information including but not limited to family photos and memories shared for the viewing of friends? Yep, you got it! Personalized Ads are pushed to you using the data YOU allowed them to access. Not to mention the development of facial recognition software the is being/has been developed using… you guessed it, YOUR PICTURES! Creepy.

Is There An Alternative To Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, And Messenger?

Kinda, But it’s not quite that simple. MeWe, now used by over a million users is advertised as “the next-gen social network” their terms are very privacy-focused unlike the aforementioned options (see terms here). It incorporates the essential features of many social platforms into one platform. These include Digital Messaging(Messenger and Whatsapp) Posts and Stories(Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp), Groups(Whatsapp and Facebook), and business pages(Facebook) as well as me’s and we’s (similar to Snapchat if you have time to waste on that!) MeWe comes with a free version that can be upgraded for a small monthly fee. The upgrade includes mostly cosmetic tweaks. The free version is ample for most users and includes no ads except for the option to upgrade to the premium version. MeWe is a viable alternative if you are serious about privacy and don’t mind the learning curve. Sign Up For a Free MeWe account here

Internet Privacy and Anti-Googlism!

In the age of ever-increasing internet usage, I think its more important than ever to be aware of who is seeing the information we share (or don’t) Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook to name a few have been using the surveillance capitalism business model since almost day one. In short, this means instead of selling your services, they “give” them to you. In return, they collect data from you that they sell for profit. Creepy huh? So, is Facebook really necessary? No! (more about that later). What about Google? It’s hard to get away from them, but if you care enough, you can. Here are some ways to NOT USE GOOGLE. Google is the most used search engine in the world by far. They collect the data from your searches for profit as well as improving their search engine. So, is there a viable alternative to Google Search? Yes! Duck Duck Go, a privacy-oriented company launched around 2008 is just that! A search engine that doesn’t sell YOUR data. Yes, you heard me right! They have options for windows, mac, android, and iOS. Duck Duck Go does not carry quite the convenience that Google does, but the benefits outweigh the inconveniences!

If you use Google Chrome on any of your devices try using FIREFOX instead. Firefox is an incredibly powerful browser that doesn’t sell YOUR data. You can install Duck Duck Go inside of Firefox for a completely Google less browsing experience!

Moving on to the infamous Gmail. Google Stated in 2018 that it had about 1.5 billion users. And what would make you think they are not crawling your emails for data to sell? (after all, that’s their business) So why are you sacrificing privacy for something “free”? We have a solution for this as well. We recommend using your own email option through a company like ours to make sure your email isn’t running through Google’s SpyGlass. This email can be personalized with your own custom domain name and doesn’t have to have @gmail at the end of the email address. This service costs a yearly fee however it’s worth it especially if you run a business, It’s almost a must. Contact us for any email and internet privacy questions!


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